The Importance Of Colour In Art


When we think of art, we think of paintings filled with different colours.  What’s the significance of these colours, and what importance do they fulfill in the world of art?  Well, colours can convey a lot in art.  They can make you feel a certain way and help you convey a certain emotion.  For example, bright colours generally makes us feel happy while darker colours convey a darker emotion depending on the work of art.

Brighter colours like yellow, orange, pink and red are warmer colours.  Depending on the artist’s depiction in their work, they can use these colours to bring out different emotions in the audience.  An artist can make us feel extremely happy if they mix together the right balance of colours.  Cooler colours like blue and purple can make us feel calm and collected.  Colours can also balance each other out or overpower other colours creating different emotions and feelings.  For example, a mix of red, black and grey might make us feel anxiety or unsettled.  Colours are especially important to the artist because that’s what they use to convey the emotion they want their audience to feel.