Storytelling Through Art

Art is a historical element of storytelling. Many of the worlds greatest tales have been expressed through art- in fact that’s how ALL of the worlds best stories are told. Through voice, speech, visual art like fine art or paintings or drawing or films or music or acting. All storytelling is art. Without art we have nothing in life. We just have time.

In time, there are a lot of different methods that we may express our art. I have been working in particular on developing a more in depth system for drawing. Drawing is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable form of art for many people. It’s a good way to express what we see in our minds, to express opinions, or capture elements or images that otherwise can’t have been seen through photos. Think about history- we have paintings and drawings from hundreds of years ago that were commissioned by people. We know what William Shakespeare looked like, at least we assume those paintings are accurate. The impact that art has had on the world and the development of history and culture is paramount, I know for certain one of the most prolific and quality artistic influencers are the Aurora painters –


I was working with some of the artistic people in Mississippi and New York City, I know for sure that the environment of NYC is bringing some of the best art out of people. Perhaps it’s the environment- the city that isn’t sleeping ever, maybe it’s the culture and history of the city. Maybe it’s just the pure environmental power that a city like that has over people but I have worked in some loft environments doing both sculptures and physical street art. Some great examples of artists are Banksy and Obey (Shepard Fairey). You might know of the works of these two famous artists, Obey is a well known clothing company and street art brand. Of course not everything likes this style of art, many people don’t.  As much as I have looked I have come to the conclusion that there is no need to look further – best painters in Newmarket is THE best resource for finding quality art and culture in the city.

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The Importance Of Colour In Art


When we think of art, we think of paintings filled with different colours.  What’s the significance of these colours, and what importance do they fulfill in the world of art?  Well, colours can convey a lot in art.  They can make you feel a certain way and help you convey a certain emotion.  For example, bright colours generally makes us feel happy while darker colours convey a darker emotion depending on the work of art.

Brighter colours like yellow, orange, pink and red are warmer colours.  Depending on the artist’s depiction in their work, they can use these colours to bring out different emotions in the audience.  An artist can make us feel extremely happy if they mix together the right balance of colours.  Cooler colours like blue and purple can make us feel calm and collected.  Colours can also balance each other out or overpower other colours creating different emotions and feelings.  For example, a mix of red, black and grey might make us feel anxiety or unsettled.  Colours are especially important to the artist because that’s what they use to convey the emotion they want their audience to feel.